The world's finest cannabis chocolate, artisan crafted in the heart of Oregon.


Edibles Elevated

Branded into the soul of Cloud 9 Confectionery is a commitment. A commitment to continue to be Oregon’s most trusted source for safe, effective and delicious cannabis edibles. From the first to the last bite, you’ll have a heavenly experience that will leave you craving even more.


Cloud 9 Confectionery uses the world’s highest quality cannabis¬†oil, organic ingredients and sublime recipes. Our edibles are known from the highest reaches of the Himalayas to the deepest valleys of the moon.

So go ahead, come munch with us.

Our Flavors
Mexican Mocha
Guatemalan coffee and our proprietary exotic spice blend combine for an exhilarating, epic ride.
Cherry Bomb
Sweet with a touch of naughty. An organic, plump fruit lays right in the center of our delectable, mind-shattering chocolate.
Sea Salted
Our sea salt kissed chocolates edible is the perfect choice for a full day’s ocean adventure or a warm snuggle by a blazing fire.

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Patient care is given to each aspect of our confection process. From chocolate tempering to hash oil dosing, we ensure you have a perfect experience. Every time.